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Live Band

In Hilton Head Island, SC when you want to see a local live band, look for La Bodega Man. If you like funk music, or even if it's not your favorite, you'll love this live band. We strive to put on an amazing show every time we perform. We love seeing both familiar and new faces in the audience when we perform. As a local band, we feel good about bringing you music to get you on your feet, dancing to the beat. There is something amazing about seeing a live show, and it's even more amazing when it's performed by those from your own area.

We invite you to see us and feed off our energy any time you are having a night out with family or friends. Get to know us and our music. Take the time to appreciate new music that you have not yet heard. Get out to enjoy a live show without having to spend a fortune. While live shows are great, seeing local shows are a wonderful way to enjoy the experience, without breaking the budget. However, the most important reason to see us is to have a fun night out, listening to great music.

Our great love for old school hip hop and Prince has influenced our sound. We hope it's a sound that you enjoy listening to as much as we enjoy playing it for you. We have upcoming tours that we would love to keep you updated about. All that you need to do to stay up to date is to visit our website at Save it to your favorites and visit it often so that you'll always know where and when we'll be performing live.

We hope to see you at one of our shows soon. We thank all our fans for their support.

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