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More About La Bodega 

If you love live music and looking for a band for hire around Hilton Head Island, SC, contact La Bodega Man. A stylistically unique Funk Band from day one, the members of La Bodega have been singing, performing, since 2011, when a friend asked if they could play his birthday party. Ever since they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music. Winners of Savannah, GA's Last Band Standing and a Semi-Finalist in Cumulus national Next2Rock competition. Their funky sound and drive for beats are influenced from Frederick and Todd's love of Prince and old school hip-hop.Residents and visitors to Hilton Head Island, SC who are searching for 'live music near me', should check out La Bodega Man. We have been providing live music since 2011, and we have a unique sound that our fans love. We have always been a unique funk band since the day we started. However, our fans are not strictly fans who enjoy funk. We have fans who enjoy all genres of music. We love what we do, and love performing. The joy and love for music is what draws our fans to us. They can get into the show because they know that we're putting our heart and soul into everything that we do. We would love for you to come down to see a live music show.

Live shows offer you so much more than what you can get listening on the radio or watching on television. When you come to one of our live shows, you really get to feel the music. It touches you in a more personal way. You'll be moving your body to the beat before you know it. You'll also get the sense of community that comes with coming together with other fans. All of you out for a wonderful night of music. If you're feeling stressed, coming to a show is an excellent way to reduce that stress and ease your anxiety. In fact, many have told us that our shows are excellent mood boosters. Treat yourself to a night out and get away from it all. If you haven't heard us play yet, come see us. You'll be introducing yourself to a whole new sound and you may just hear some music that you love. If you didn't check us out, you'd be missing out on our great sound.

The next time you're in the area and searching for 'live music near me' be sure to check us out.

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